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Growing vines with character and resilience

Environment, sustainability and governance (ESG) are key elements of Oakridge’s modern-day story. Our belief that ‘wines are grown and not made,’ highlights our quest to release sustainable wines of character, definition and quality. We have always believed that the wellbeing and resilience of our vineyards and people also lead to better wines. Our understandings, observations and expectations surrounding grape growing, winery practices and custodianship have evolved over the years as we continue to improve and make our mark as one of the region’s finest wine producers. 

Prioritising sustainable vineyard management

In addition to finding the best sites and growing the best fruit, Oakridge’s vineyard management techniques have been developed to mitigate against extreme weather events and more challenging growing seasons. Soil health is a priority but there are other benefits. By building up organic material in our vineyards, we can store more water and enable better drainage. It also allows us to hold more carbon in the soil which helps reduce the emission of carbon gases. We have also reduced soil compaction by limiting the number of times machinery is taken through the vineyard. Lower use of diesel fuel and less cultivation combined with regenerative and biological farming lead to healthy eco-systems, resilient vines and contribute to balanced fruit at vintage. 

Our overarching philosophy is to manage our vineyards and business in a way that will allow the next generation to inherit the land and our environment in a pristine state. Although we are always looking at new ways of working to reach this goal, we have already received Sustainable Winegrowing Australia’s certification in vineyard management practices. This initiative was formed in 2019 by the wine industry to promote, monitor and authenticate the best environmental, social and governance practices in the vineyard, winery and through the supply chain. These sustainability values are also promoted within our Cellar Door and Oakridge restaurant. Our menu is based on seasonal, sustainable and ethically sourced produce. Matched to Oakridge wines, all of this translates to one of the very best wine and food experiences in the Yarra Valley.  

Steve Faulkner
Sustainable Winegrowing Australia

Oakridge is a certified member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, which recognises the important work being carried out across all our vineyard sites to prioritise sustainable farming practices.


“Sustainability is one of the top priorities for us in the vineyard. We don’t plant vines for us. We plant them for our grandkids. So we have to make sure that they’re going to be here in 150 years, so maybe even for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. We are only temporary stewards of this land. We’ve got to look after it. We’ve got to leave it better than how we found it. ” ~ Steve Faulkner, Oakridge Vineyard Manager

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